Most Wanted Korean Web Series

Korean web series has gained much popularity in recent times. Many audiences started becoming crazier toward these Korean web series. The main reason is that Korean web series cover all emotional elements included with the necessary intense-filled action sequences that connect very well with the viewers. Many Korean web series have a duration of 1 hour per episode which makes the audience feel engaged while watching. Where can we find the most wanted Korean Web Series in Hindi dubbed? The question asked by many binge-watchers will be discussed in detail further.

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

Top 10 Most Wanted Korean Web Series! The Best All-Time Korean Web Series

The following listed top 10 most wanted Korean web series are considered the best web series of all time:

1. Hellbound (2021)

Genre: Drama Thriller / Horror Fantasy

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:19th November 2021

Cast: Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, Won Jin-ah and Yang Ik-june

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

This South Korean drama is based on the lives of people who hear predictions about their death. The angels of death appear in front of them when that time comes and kills those people. The rest of the story is about the investigation to find out about the mysterious appearance of death angels and the many hidden facts behind these incidents.

The makers of this web series have scheduled to start filming the next season on June 2023.

2. Through the Darkness (2022)

Genre: Crime Thriller / Mystery

OTT Platform: MX Player

Release Date:12th March 2022

Cast: Kim Nam-Gil, Jin Seon-kyu and Kim So-jin

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

Based on the non-fiction novel Those Who Read Hearts Of Evil by Kwon Il-Yong and Go Na-moo, this web series is based on a criminal investigative analyst’s struggle to nab the professional serial killers whose mental state is not in a normal condition and kill the individuals of the nation brutally.

It is up to the cops how they catch these serial killers in a brilliant way which further leads to many gripping investigative scenes between the investigation officers and the serial killer.

3. Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area (2022)

Genre: Crime Thriller

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:24th June 2022

Cast: Yoo Ji-Tae, Park Hae-soo, Jeon Jong-Seo, Lee Won-jong, Park Myung-hoon

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

This latest released Korean web series is an official remake as well as a spin-off set to the original Spanish version of Money Heist popularly known as La Casa De Papel originally created by Alex Pina.

Korean web series and moviemakers have proved once again why they are considered the masterminds of the entire film industry.

The Korean makers have justified the original version of Money Heist with a faithful remake including the Korean style twist in it.

The story is about a Professor with his team who decide to rob one of the wealthiest banks in their country after being fed up with the wealth imbalance of their nation. The Korean version of money heist focuses on the conflict between North Korea and South Korea.

The different versions of Professor, Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi and many more can be found in this series with reference to the original version.

4. My Name(2021)

Genre: Crime Thriller

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:24th June 2022

Cast:  Han So-heePark Hee-soon, and Ahn Bo-hyun

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

The South Korean Web series is based on a woman who joins a dangerous gang by entering into the world of crimes to find out the murderer of her father being killed brutally in front of her eyes.

The rest of the story forms on the following questions:

  • Why was the lady’s father killed?
  • How did she enter into the world of crimes?
  • How did she find out the murderer?
  • Was the woman successful in taking revenge for her father’s murder?

To find out the answers to these above questions watch this web series only on Netflix.

5. Undercover(2021)

Genre: Spy Thriller

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:24th June 2022

Cast:  Ji Jin-heeKim Hyun-jooJung Man-sik and Heo Joon-ho

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

The story is about a married couple who are undercover agents in National Intelligence Service and a human rights lawyer in order to work on a top-secret case. The fact of being undercover agents is not known to each other.

A National Intelligence Service agent keeps his identity hidden as a bicycle repairing shop owner and a father for the last 30 years.

Later, the human lawyer begins to doubt her husband which leads to revealing her husband’s identity in an uncontrollable situation

After their identity is revealed, the consequences faced by Husband and wife when they come to know about each other form the rest of the story.

6. Sweet Home (2020)

Genre: Horror Drama / Fantasy

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:18th December 2020

Cast:  Song KangLee Jin-wookLee Si-young and Lee Do-hyun.

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

A man moves into a new apartment after facing an unexpected tragedy in his family. A monster tries to abolish humanity by starting to kill everyone in that apartment. The rest of the story is about how the man gains supernatural powers and fights with the monster to save the people stuck in that apartment and also to save the human creatures on earth.

7. Squid Game ( 2021)

Genre: Survival Thriller

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:17th September 2021

Cast: Lee Jung-JaePark Hae-sooWi Ha-JoonHoYeon JungO Yeong-suHeo Sung-TaeAnupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo-ryoung.

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

This web series is about a contest including more than 400 players who are sorrowing financially to earn money. These players decide to risk their life by playing a game that consists of daily tasks to be completed in their routine life.

The game takes place on an isolated island and all the players are locked till the completion of the contest.

The winner of the contest will become the richest whereas the players losing the game have to lose their lives as well.

The second season of this series is expected to be released in 2023.

8. The Silent Sea(2021)

Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:24th December 2021

Cast:  Bae DoonaGong Yoo and Lee Joon

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

The story set in the future earth is based on the earth’s desertification that has led to the scarcity of water. A group of scientists is set out on a journey to the moon in order to recover a sample being discovered to control the current situation of the world.

The rest of the story is about how these scientists bring back the world’s situation to stability after facing many struggles during their journey.

9. The King of pigs(2022)

Genre: Thriller Drama

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Release Date:18th March 2022

Cast: Kim Dong-Wook, Kim Sung-kyu and Chae Jung-an

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

The South Korean thriller series is based on a man named Hwang Kyung-min who still suffers from his tragic past of school bullying experienced 20 years ago. Even though he tries to live a happy life with his wife but still he is unable to come out of that tragedy.

At one point in time, he encounters his past life which leads him to seek revenge and many twists and turns taking place in the story.

10. All of us are dead(2022)

Genre: Horror Thriller

OTT Platform: Netflix

Release Date:28th January 2022

Cast: Park Ji-huYoon Chan-youngCho Yi-HyunLomonYoo In-sooLee Yoo-miKim Byung-ChulLee Kyu-Hyung, and Jeon Bae-soo.

Most Wanted Korean Web Series

The story is about the high school students turning into zombies after failed science experiment and starting attacking the other normal students. The rest of the story is about how the remaining children save themselves from converting into zombies in a trapped situation as well as save bring back the infected children to a normal state.

Overall Facts about Most Wanted Korean Web Series

The above-listed web series is available in Hindi dubbed versions on their respective OTT Platforms. This is the main added advantage of OTT Platforms so that the Indian audiences may enjoy a unique storyline with the brilliant and unpredictable twists included in their own native language.

Many Indian moviemakers have been inspired by the Korean web series and started to think out of the box to come up with new interesting concepts.

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, many Indians started showing interest in Korean dramas.

Recently, according to a survey conducted by Netflix in India, the number of Indian audiences watching Korean web series has increased more compared to before and is expected to increase further in the upcoming days.

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