10 Year Old Boy survived from crocodile mouth

Did the 10-Year-old Boy Survive from Crocodile Mouth? This is all you need to know about the latest incident that happened in Madhya Pradesh. This incident occurred in the Sheopur district, Madhya Pradesh around the afternoon of 11th July 2022(Monday), when the victim named Antar Singh Kevat was spotted near the banks of the Chambal River.

A giant crocodile nearly 8 feet long, swallowed a 10-year-old-kid while he was bathing in the Chambal river.

Some villagers claim that they saw the kid being attacked by a giant crocodile and dragged into the river before the villagers could try to help the boy.

Soon, the villagers started to gather around the spot and captured the crocodile with the help of a net and pulled the creature out of the water, having the hopes of the boy still being alive inside the crocodile. The crocodile was trapped tied with ropes and nets, with sticks in its mouth, and a large number of villagers surrounded around.

10 year old boy eaten by crocodile

The victim’s family insisted that the boy could be alive inside the stomach of the crocodile and wanted to rip it apart and open it in order to save the kid.

Most of the villagers, along with the victim’s family were stubborn with their decision of killing the crocodile to save the child.

The police immediately reached the spot on receiving information about this incident. The higher authorities explained to the villagers that there are no symptoms of the child’s body inside the crocodile.

Upon further investigation by the Alligator Department officials, it was found out that the victim must have gone deeper toward the end of the river and a separate team was assigned to search the kid’s body in the river.

The villagers finally agreed to release the crocodile back into the Chambal river after being pressurized by the Alligator Department officials.

Finally, after a long search, the boy’s body was fumbled out of the river on Tuesday morning and was handed over to his family after a post-mortem.

Here is the tweet showing the crocodile being captured with a stick in its mouth:

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Overall News About the Incident:

It is the responsibility of the parents to protect their children’s lives, especially in village areas. Several rural areas are prone to human attacks by animals and necessary safety actions need to be taken by the government.

In these incidents of human attacks, several animals are being killed in this process to protect human lives.

These days, much forest land is being converted into many villages and developed cities, which forces animals to move from their natural habitat.

Government should take necessary and strict actions to protect human as well as animal lives in order to stop animals from attacking humans or humans from attacking animals.

Important Note:

Never imagine things on your own assumptions. The best example is this incident. These days, people blindly assume things on their own.

These villagers simply confirmed that the crocodile has swallowed the 10 -year-old-kid.

Just because it’s a crocodile, people are ready to tear and rip apart the stomach and check, in order to save the child’s life.

If the Alligator Department officials wouldn’t reach on time and pressurized the villagers, then the crocodile might have been killed for the false assumptions imposed by the villagers.


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