Kamal Haasan's new statement

Kamal Haasan is enjoying his grand success of Vikram Movie after a long time in form of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s direction through his Lokesh Cinematic Universe(LCU). Recently, the film creates a sensation by crossing 300 crores in box-office collections. This action-thriller movie is attracting many audiences to theatres and creating a sensation worldwide. On 14th June 2022(Monday), Kamal Haasan launched “Blood Commune”, a blood donation campaign in Chennai. After launching the campaign, Kamal Haasan addressed the media by giving a new statement on Vikram’s movie 300 crore collections. Kamal Haasan’s new statement made his reputation much higher in front of the world.

Kamal Haasan's New Statement

Here is Kamal Haasan’s latest statement:

“You need a leader who doesn’t have to worry about the money. Everyone has to progress in life. When I said that I can earn Rs 300 crores easily nobody understood it. They thought that I was beating my chest. Now you see it is coming (On Vikram Box Office Collections).

I will repay all my loans and eat fully to my heart’s content. I will give whatever I can and help my family and friends. After that, if I don’t have anything left I will accept the fact that I don’t have any more to give.

I don’t need to pretend to help others by borrowing someone else money and do not want to be honored with any grand titles or rewards. I just want to be a simple human being”.

– Kamal Haasan’s Latest Statement after launching blood donation campaign in Chennai

Important Facts to know for all Kamal Haasan Fans

After reaching success at its highest peak level, Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan’s latest statement shows his simple and good-hearted nature.

Recently, he gifted Lexus ES 300h car to director Lokesh Kanagaraj and a TVS Apache RTR 160 bikes to all the 13 assistant directors of this movie on Vikram movie Blockbuster success. Also, Kamal Haasan presented a special branded Rolex watch to actor Suriya for his powerful performance as Rolex.

Kamal Haasan not only as an actor inspired many young actors to start their careers in the cinema industry, but also as a very good human being inspires every common man to be helpful to others in their life.

Here is the following video in which Kamal Haasan has said this statement:

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