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Crime Thriller Web Series has a special sort of craze as its Nail Biting moments and Gripping screenplay keep us glued to the screen. Surprisingly, the Visuals and Sound Quality of these Web Series are no less than any big-budget film… Sometimes it has dominated the films too! So, Get ready to witness these 6 Crime Web Series Hindi 2022 that will thrill you throughout the watching!

Here, the Top 6 Crime Web Series are listed according to their rankings in order wise starting from Web Series in 6th Place.

6. Delhi Khabbar

Delhi Khabbar - Crime Thriller Web Series Hindi 2022 -
Delhi Khabbar
Delhi Khabbar (2022) on IMDb

OTT Platform: MX Player

Release Date: May 27th, 2022

No. of Episodes: 06

Delhi Khabbar is a crime drama series about the Life of a few students studying at the Delhi college. Everything seems going well in their life until Suzana is murdered and all the blame falls on Shaurya.

The actual plot starts right here. Who killed Suzana? Was it Shaurya? or is it someone trapping Shaurya into this crime? What is the mystery behind all this is the rest of the story in Delhi Khabbar.

5. Montu Pilot 2

Montu Pilot Season 2  - Crime Thriller Web Series Hindi 2022 -
Montu Pilot Season 2
 Montu Pilot
(2019) on IMDb

OTT Platform: Hoichoi & MX Player

Release Date: April 29th, 2022

No. of Episodes: 10

Montu Pilot got a very good response for season 1 after which the Hoichoi Platform decided to come up with season 2.

The story revolves around a Person named Montu in Neelkuthy, Bangladesh whose aspiration is to become a pilot but instead, he becomes a Pimp( A man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return).

Season 2 starts right from where season 1 was ended. The type of story and the mystery around it makes Montu Pilot a good suspense thriller webseries.

As the characterizations of this series demand, there are many Foul Languages used and Bold scenes portrayed that make this series “A” Rated.

If you are not watching with kids at home, then you can choose to binge on the Montu Pilot web series.

4. Cyber Vaar

Cyber Vaar - Crime Thriller Web Series Hindi 2022 -
Cyber Vaar
Cyber Vaar (2022) on IMDb

OTT Platform: Voot

Release Date: June 10th, 2022

No. of Episodes: 10 (Every Friday 2 New Episodes are to be Released & Right Now only 6 Episodes are Released)

Cyber Vaar is a story that is absolutely relatable to its title and the entire series is showcased in Mumbai, where a Hacker Team attempts a Cyber Attack on the cyber crime department itself.

The lead of this webseries ACP Akash Malik with Cyber expert Ananya tries to crack down on who the Hackers are? Why did they attack Cyber crime Department? What was the Motive behind that attack?

The interesting part of this series starts emerging when they try to crack the clues level after level. To know how the mystery was solved, you need to watch the series “Cyber Vaar“.

3. Race

Race - Bengali - Hindi - Crime Thriller Web Series Hindi 2022 -

IMDb Rating: N/A

OTT Platform: Hoichoi & MX Player

Release Date: June 8th, 2022

No. of Episodes: 09

Race is originally a Bengali web series that is dubbed into Hindi and this is a well-handled Crime Thriller that showcases two different issues happening parallelly! That is… A Politician was murdered and the police investigating the case whereas, on the other side, a construction company owner’s car has been stolen and had confidential documents in it. Later he gets to know that his son also got locked behind the car’s boot space.

Who has stolen his car? What was the motive behind it? To know that, you need to watch the series Race.

2. Aashram 3

Aashram Season 3 - Ek Badnaam - Crime Thriller Web Series Hindi 2022 -
Aashram (2020) on IMDb

OTT Platform: MX Player

Release Date: June 3rd, 2022

No. of Episodes: 10

Aashram 3 is the sequel to the previous two seasons which were very successful. Bobby Deol’s characterization is seen the same as in the previous two seasons as Baba Nirala who has the other Face.

This season Baba Nirala grows more stronger and powerful. At the same time, he is stuck in a problem. So, How does he use his Power and Mind to get out of this? Did he succeed? To know that you need to watch Aashram Season 3.

The fulfillment delivered by Aaashram Season 1 and Season 2 is missing in Aashram Season 3 because a lot of new characters were roped into this series which spoiled the nativity of this script. Aashram 3 is not fulfilling in comparison to its prequels Aashram 1 and Aashram 2.

The makers have announced officially that Aashram Season 4 is set to release next year, 2023. Let us see what Aashram 4 does…

NOTE: If you are watching in MX Player, there are too many ads and while you are watching an interesting scene there are suddenly Ads playing with an annoyingly loud sound which completely spoils the mood and irritates a lot.

1. The Broken News

The Broken News - Crime Thriller Web Series Hindi 2022 -
The Broken News (2022) on IMDb

OTT Platform: ZEE5

Release Date: June 3rd, 2022

No. of Episodes: 08

The Broken News is a story revolving around the rivalry between two News channels Awaaz Bharati News and Josh 24/7. Awaaz Bharati News delivers only facts and stands for the Truth whereas Josh 24/7 is concerned only about TRP and does anything for that.

The Rivalry between these two news channels is the startup but where does this lead and what all consequences are faced is the story. Especially, about how a News Channel works are shown in detail which also keeps the audience engaged in the gripping Drama Crime Thriller. To experience the thrill you need to watch The Broken News.

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