Are covid 19 cases severely rising in telangana

Are COVID-19 cases increasing in Tamil Nadu? What about Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s health condition? The latest information is all you need to know. Recently COVID-19 cases started to increase in southern parts of India.

Are COVID-19 cases increasing in Tamil Nadu

Especially, Tamil Nadu witnessed a rapid increase in COVID cases, as their Chief Minister MK Stalin was infected by COVID, after testing positive and was hospitalized for observation in Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.

In spite of taking regular doses of vaccination, CM MK Stalin tested positive for COVID-19 after facing the symptoms of tiredness and fever.

When the Tamil Nadu CM can be infected with COVID-19 after taking vaccinations, then what is the situation of common people who have taken vaccination and do not wear masks and maintain social distancing while traveling public places frequently?

CM MK Stalin's Health Condition

Also, Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder Dr. S.Ramadoss announced on Wednesday that he tested positive for Covid-19 after suffering from throat pain.

Tamil Nadu on Friday witnessed 2,312 new coronavirus cases and 1 death incident, which includes Chennai having a maximum of 618 new cases, followed by Chengalpattu (370), Coimbatore (153), and Tiruvallur(168).

According to the reports, a 71-year-old man from Tiruvallur was admitted to Government Omandurar Medical College Hospital, Chennai, on 10th July 2022. The old man was suffering from a cough, loose stools, and breathing difficulty and died on 14th July 2022 due to COVID-19 pneumonia and other health issues.

Updates about Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s Health condition

Here is the good news for all citizens of Tamil Nadu about MK Stalin’s health condition. According to the reports given by the doctors in Kauvery Hospital, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK chief MK Stalin is recovering well and is in good condition now.

However, the Chief Minister was advised by the doctors to take complete rest for a few more days.

CM MK Stalin's Health Condition

Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with Tamil Nadu with the CM MK Stalin, through a phone call conversation and enquired about his health condition. During the conversation, MK Stalin invited the PM to the inauguration of the 44th International Chess Olympiad starting on 28th July 2022, at Mamallapuram.

CM MK Stalin's Health Condition enquired by PM Narendra Modi

Finally, the prayers of Tamil Nadu citizens and many politicians have been answered in form of MK Stalin’s speedy recovery.

Official Reports about MK Stalin’s Health Condition from Kauvery Hospital:

CM MK Stalin's Health Condition reports by Kauvery Hospital
-Medical Reports from Kauvery Hospital Chennai stating Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s Health Condition

Overall News about COVID-19 cases increasing in Tamil Nadu

After many days, Tamil Nadu is witnessing a sudden rise in the number of COVID Cases. Not only in Tamil Nadu but also in other parts of India as well. Recently, India recorded over 20,000 COVID-19 cases within a span of 24 hours, which resulted in a total tally of cases to 4,36,89,989.

The sudden rise in COVID-19 cases has been recorded after a gap of 145 days, which is a huge warning to Tamil Nadu citizens as well as other state individuals.

This is an alert for COVID-19 fourth wave throughout the country

It is advised that if any of the individuals in the country faces any frequent tiredness or other minor health-related issues, it is better to consult a doctor in the beginning stage itself in order to avoid getting infected from COVID-19.

Also, wear good protective layered masks and hand gloves while traveling outside by following proper sanitization and social distancing methods. Avoid frequent interactions with strangers and maintain your surroundings clean.

Even after taking vaccinations, it is compulsory to wear masks when you are in public places, as many people are seen without wearing masks these days while they are outside.




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