Audi electric rickshaw

Audi is planning to introduce the unique branded electric three-wheeler Audi electric rickshaw for Indian roads. Used batteries from electric cars are used to run this Electric Autorickshaw.

Audi is now collaborating with Indo-German start-up Nunam. They are going to experiment using high voltage life-cycle completed batteries.

This is the first project of Audi AG, Audi Environmental Foundation, and Nunam working together. They are working on how reused electric car batteries can be used to power simple and small-range vehicles like an electric rickshaw.

The disposal problems of high voltage batteries can be overcome by reusing them.

The batteries will be re-energized and resued in e-rickshaws. The prototype has been created by Indo-german startup Nunam by installing Audi e-Tron used batteries.

These electric rickshaws are designed in order to make them available for non-profit organizations and women. This e-rickshaw is specially designed according to the Indian road conditions.

Audi electric rickshaw
Prototype of Audi e-rickshaw

Generally, car batteries are designed for long-lasting life. Though the batteries have completely exhausted their battery life, there is still power left in them.

Lower range vehicles seem to have the lowest power requirements so the reuse of high voltage batteries and their performance would be promising.

This is one of the best initiatives taken by Audi to launch electric rickshaws as it helps reduce the dependence on fuels and exhaust emissions in India. In this process, the combustion engine would be replaced with the electric one.

Power from solar charging stations can be used to charge electric rickshaws. These e-rickshaws can be used throughout the day and can be charged with green power during the evening and night.

Latest Statements by the co-founder of Nunam and Director of Audi about Audi electric Autorickshaw

Statement by Prodip Chatterjee

“The old batteries are still extremely powerful. When used appropriately, second-life batteries can have a huge impact, helping people in challenging life situations earn an income and gain economic independence everything in a sustainable way.

For vehicles with lower range and power requirements as well as lower overall weight, they are extremely promising. In our second-life project, we reuse batteries from electric cars in electric vehicles; you might call it electric mobility ‘lite’. In this way, we’re trying to find out how much power the batteries can still provide in this demanding use case.

We want to get everything possible out of each battery before recycling”

-Statement By Prodip Chatterjee, co-founder, Nunam.

Statement by Rdiger Recknagel

“Initiatives like the one pioneered by Nunam are needed to find new use cases for e-waste. Not only in India but worldwide. So Nunam shares its knowledge to motivate more initiatives to develop products with second-life components that can drive the eco-social revolution forward”

-Statement by Rdiger Recknagel, director at Audi Environmental Foundation.

Audi Electric Auto Rickshaw Launch Date:

Typically, Electric rickshaws in India are powered by lead-acid batteries. These lead-acid batteries have a short life and cannot be disposed of. The charging stations for e-rickshaws are planned to be launched.

A used Audi e-Tron battery will charge throughout the day and act as Buffer Storage which can be used in an electric auto rickshaw. Also, these batteries can be used in LED Lamps after it becomes unusable for an electric rickshaw.

Currently, the prototype is released and it may change upon further development of the model. The Audi e-rickshaw is planned to be released around 2023. So it is a matter of a few months waiting for Audi e-rickshaws to perform on Indian roads.

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