Chinmayi sripaada latest post is an inspiration to many

Popular Playback Singer, Chinmayi Sripada, and Actor/Director Rahul Ravindran recently welcomed Twin Babies to their universe.

Chinmayi Sripada is a multi-talented personality who is popularly known for her best works in Playback Singing, Dubbing, Radio Jockey, Television Presenter, Web Show Host, and Entrepreneur.

Rahul Ravindran is an Actor who later made his debut as a Director with Chi La Sow, starring Sushanth, the nephew of actor Nagarjuna. His first film turned out to be a Hit with a tag to Rahul as “Good Director”. His 2nd Film as a director was Manmadhudu 2 starring Nagarjuna.

The couple shared this good news on their social media accounts individually, and also by replying to the adorable blessing showered on them and their babies.

Chinmayi Sripada’s Tweet about their NewBorn Twin Babies:

Chinmayi’s Tweet about their Twin Babies

Rahul Ravindran’s Tweet about Chinmayi & their Newborn Babies:

Rahul’s Tweet about Chinmayi and their Twin Babies

“Were the Babies Born through Surrogacy?”

(Chinmayi receives doubts on her Instagram DM-Direct Message)

Chinmayi Sripada and Rahul Ravindran got married to each other in 2014. It has been 8years but just recently the couple posted about being blessed with Twin Babies.

People on Social Media raised various doubts about whether the babies were born through surrogacy.

The doubts seemed to emerge because Chinmayi like other celebrities neither posted about being pregnant nor had any photoshoots.

Chinmayi’s Reply about Surrogacy through Instagram Post

Chinmayi’s clear reply through her Instagram post blew all the doubts and questions on whether her babies were born through surrogacy.

chinmayi instagram post as reply to rumours about whether her babies were born through surrogacy.
Chinmayi Sripada’s Instagram Post about Surrogacy

The reply was too kind, saying that Chinmayi was and will be extremely guarded about her personal life. So only her Family and Friends Circle knew about it.

Chinmayi also confirmed that the photos of their kids will also not be on social media for a long time.

Having said that, she also reveals that She sang Bhajan during the Caesarean (C-Section), while the twin babies entered this world.

She concluded by saying that more of this will be spoken later, but for now, this is it.

Probably Social Media audience should learn from the best message that they have gotten from her post.

It is one’s own opinion or thought on what to share on Social Media. If he/she chose to keep something guarded & protected to themselves, that is up to them.

“Not everything is meant to be shared on Social Media”

Though People of India have the “Right to Freedom”

Though People on Social Media have the “Right to Speech”

But it is not right to assume that they have the “Right to Judge”!!!

The doubts or questions regarding surrogacy, that were asked through DM- Direct Message are Fine!

But few people who have been posting and criticizing in public through their posts or comments, that Chinmayi was nowhere seen carrying a pregnancy or didn’t post about her pregnancy, should move on… should grow up to be mature…

Here are a few Tweets:

“Not everything is meant to be shared on Social Media”

Chinmayi’s Latest Posts have been An Eye-Opener to many!

Apart from the rumours and her reply to rumours, what was eye-opening is that women who have been frightened to have babies after the age of 30 or 35 have got an inspiration to this generation.

Above is the Reply Tweet from Chinmayi to a person who said that Women can take inspiration from Chinmayi and that they can have babies in their late 30s.

She also adds to it that, because the world has labelled and scared women 35 to even think of pregnancy.

At this time Chinmayi Sripada stands out to be an inspiration to this generation of women above the ’30s who are willing to have babies but are scared about it. Because Chinmayi, who was born in 1984 and nearing the age of 38, had successfully delivered healthy Twin Babies.

Also, she proves to be a strong mother by giving 1 Hour of podcasts or attending online Spaces while carrying 2 Babies inside her. A Twitter user commented the same and Here is what Chinmayi replied:

Hearty wishes to the proud parents, Chinmayi Sripada & Rahul Ravindran who have been blessed with these 2 Twin Babies Driptah and Sharwas.

Best wishes for their future to be as successful as their parents or even more!

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