COVID 19 Cases In Delhi

COVID-19 Cases In Delhi: During the past few months, there was a slight improvement in our country as the number of COVID cases decreased. As a result, many restrictions were reduced and many people gathered in public places without masks and social distancing.

Also, many shopping malls, cinema theatres, schools, colleges, and offices have been opened without any restrictions.

The Covid-19 cases in Delhi started to increase as well as in other parts of India as well.

Recently, Delhi witnessed an increase of 2,100 new active cases within 24 hours and 8 deaths, whereas an overall new positive COVID cases of 12, 751 were recorded all over India.

There is a fear created among the citizens of India about the start of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic or not.

Previously, Delhi recorded a positive rate of 30 percent on 14th January 2022 and after that now Delhi is witnessing many positive COVID cases.

COVID-19 Cases In Delhi: Mandatory To Wear Masks
COVID-19 Cases In Delhi: Mandatory To Wear Masks

Delhi government has made it mandatory to wear masks in public places and fines of amount Rs 500 will be imposed strictly on people who are spotted not wearing masks.

At the same time, this rule is not applicable to people who are traveling on their own four-wheeler vehicles.

According to the latest news, a new sub-variant of Omicron was detected and the samples were being collected and tested which stated that this new variant has the maximum possibility of transmitting the disease much faster.

This new variant can infect people who have already taken regular doses of vaccination.

Seeing the present situation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal advised the citizens of Delhi to not get panicked and will take necessary actions to bring the situation back to normal.

COVID-19 Cases In Delhi: Overall News

It is now compulsory to wear masks and follow proper social distancing methods seeing the sudden increase of COVID-19 cases in Delhi.

As of now, few reports are only recorded because many people have not been tested in recent times and if more people are tested, the results are bound to increase.

Parents are advised to take proper care of their children during these times because schools and colleges are the main places where more people get gathered.

There is no planning about the closing of schools and colleges, but seeing the increase in positive cases an effective decision concerning the safety of children will be taken soon.

Also, it is advised to consult a doctor immediately if anyone is facing the symptoms of cold, cough, sore throat, fever, sneezing, tiredness, headache, etc. Proper rest is required if any individual faces these kinds of symptoms.

Recently, the rule for wearing masks have been lifted up in many stated, but seeing the present situation not only in Delhi but also in other states in India will be soon implementing this rule.

It is important to remember that even though people have taken vaccination, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing with proper sanitization methods is the best weapon to fight against the increasing positivity rate of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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