Dejavu Tamil Movie Review

Dejavu is an Indian Film in the Tamil Language starring Arul Nithi, Smriti Venkat, Madhoo Shah & others. This film was released on 22nd July 2022 in Theatres.

Including this film, there are several films & mini tv series with this same Title in different countries and all of those carry the same concept as the Title “DejaVu” which means having a strong feeling of already experienced something in the past that has not happened really.

This film carries the same concept but with a different proceeding. Here is the complete review of the Tamil Movie Dejavu.



Arulnithi as Vikram Kumar
Madhoo as DGP Asha Pramod
Achyuth Kumar as Subramani
Kaali Venkat as Ezhumalai


Director: Arvindh Srinivasan
Writer: Arvindh Srinivasan
Producer: K. Vijay Pandey & P.G. Muthaiah(co-producer)
Music Director: Ghibran
Cinematographer: P.G. Muthaiah
Editor: Arul E. Siddharth


The Tamil Film Dejavu movie story is based on a Writer who is writing a story & at one point in that story, a girl named Pooja is kidnapped by three unknown strangers.

The plot of this movie gets thrilling when all of his writings start happening in real life.

Who is Pooja? Why is she Kidnapped? How does the writer write happenings before itself? How is this mystery solved? To know this, you need to watch this film.



1) Story pattern could be guessed as the Title says “DeJa’Vu” (which means having a feel of already experienced something before which has not happened in reality). But the proceedings of this film are thrilling and for all those thriller movie lovers, Dejavu is another good thriller in Tamil Film.

2) Music by Ghibran is a huge advantage for this film as it elevates the intensity of scenes with a thumping Background Score & In fact, Ghibran’s Music becomes the Hero of this Film. It seems like nowadays every intriguing thriller film demand Ghibran as Music Director to create another wonder like Raatchasan.

3) Cinematography by Muthaiah, who is also co-producer of this film, has not compromised either in production values as well as cinematography. For a thriller film to be appealing to the audience, all required elements in visual experience are brilliantly fulfilled by the cinematographer of Dejavu.

4) Editing by Arul Siddarth is perfect and transitions between scenes are decent which plays an important part in a thriller film like Dejavu.

5) Performance by Arul Nithi is as perfect as he does in every different film playing unique characterizations. Similarly in this film, he excels as Vikram Kumar. Also, other actors like Kaali Venkat, Madhoo Shah, Smriti Venkat, Achyut Kumar & Mime Gopi have done decent justice to the roles given.

6) Intriguing & Thrilling 1st Half is well executed by the Team of Dejavu.


1) After an Intense First Half, the second half seems to struggle here and there about how to justify the suspense and thrill of this plot on-screen.

2) Though the complete story off-screen might seem interesting to hear or read as a script when it comes to visual experience Dejavu does not fulfill or take the audience up to the Extreme thrill of this Film which was possible.


As a fact that every movie cannot be completely perfect from A-Z, it has Plus and Minus but it matters on which side the movie stands strong, either Plus or Minus.

This Thriller Tamil Movie Dejavu is the Debut film of Arvind Srinivasan but still, he and his team have given their best for this film.

Overall, we could say that this is a Good Decent Thriller Film by a Debutant Director.

Note: Here is the Dejavu IMDb Rating, which keeps changing according to the number of user votes and reviews.

Deja Vu (2022) on IMDb

The Plus Points and Minus Points of this Film Dejavu have been explained above. So, hope the readers find this Review informational.

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