Elephant and mahout struck in ganga river flood


These days, heavy rains in parts of Bihar created havoc and panicked many individuals across the state. These heavy showers of rain flooded the Ganga river more than the fixed level of water expected. Recently, an Elephant and Mahout Struck in between the Ganga river flood shocked the entire nation and the video became viral on social media.

Not only in Bihar but also in several parts of the country, many people are facing horrible situations due to heavy rain Showers.

One such dangerous incident took place in Bihar, a few days back. An elephant on 12th July 2022 (Tuesday) saved the mahout’s life by making a brave attempt to swim across the overflowing rivers of Ganga in the Raghopur, Vaishali, area.

As the water in the Ganga river raised suddenly, the Mahout was trapped along with the elephant. The elephant was completely submerged in water with the Mahout on its top.

Elephant and Mahout Struck in Between Ganga River Flood
Elephant and Mahout Struck in Between Ganga River Flood

The local people near the spot revealed that the elephant swam one kilometer between Rustampur Ghat to Patna Kethuki Ghat.

According to the news, both the Mahout and elephant had come together but were trapped due to heavy rains, which resulted from an increase in the water level in the Ganga river.

The elephant tried to cross the flooded river along with the Mahout on its top and swam together along for 3 kilometers.

At one stage it seemed impossible for the elephant and the man to cross the river.

After facing one of the heart-stopping moments of their life, Finally, the Mahout and the elephant were spotted safely at the corner of the river

Tweet about Elephant and Mahout crossing the flooded Ganga river

-Elephant and Mahout Struck in Between Ganga River Flood as shown in the video on Twitter

Important Facts About Elephants

This incident proves the loyalty of elephants toward human beings who care for them. The elephant risked its life to save the mahout, no matter how difficult it was to swim into the water and save the life of the mahout.

Elephants are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth, with the ability to understand the emotions of other living beings.

Elephants are friendly and helpful toward humans and protect them from the crisis, if they are protected and not harmed.

Mammals like elephants should be protected as they play an important role in balancing our environment.

It is a fact that many elephants are being killed by poachers, to extract their tusks and later used for ivory to trade illegally in the international market. Though the government has taken many protective measures for the welfare of elephants, still poaching is continuing in some parts of the world.

If this poaching continues on a large scale, at some point in time there will be the extinction of elephants in the world and if elephants become extinct, then the severe consequences and losses would be faced completely by the humans in the environment.

Therefore, elephants should be taken care of by providing a large sufficient space of shelter along with proper food requirements.

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