Fine charges on Feeding monkeys on narsapur road says district forest office medak dfo -

Monkeys are starving in Summer and here is a horrible warning board from DFO Medak (District Forest Office, Medak).

Medak District Forest Office prohibits feeding monkeys in narsapur road and charges fine of 25,000rupees fine if anyone feeds monkey -

The Board says, “A Fine of Rs.25,000 will be charged against those who Feed Monkeys on the Roadside – DFO Medak”.

The District Forest Office puts up a board warning to charge fines for feeding those poor innocent animals???

Where is Humanity heading to? So, does this mean, showing Humanity is now illegal?

Just because it has become a Toll Road now, instructing and warning the public not to feed monkeys on the roadside is the biggest injustice to those living beings? Where does this lead to?

Those monkeys are living there for years and years and the only time when they are not starving is when someone travels by that road and provides them with food.

When a Human is Poor & starving, he has few options & ways to survive on this planet. He either tries to work hard, earn more and fulfill his hunger (or) He goes and asks someone for food (or) the least could be begging.

But, what about these innocent living beings? They have been surviving on natural sources available in forests and when there is nothing left, what options or ways do they have?

All that they have is… Just a few Helping Humans!

Not all humans show humanity to feed those starving living beings. It’s Just a few good-hearted humans who provide them with food & fulfill their hunger while traveling by those roads.

There were days when monkeys were treated with good care.
As we can see here a Police Officer in Delhi, feeding an amputee monkey
( A monkey that has no limbs/is handicapped by injury).
This video was posted in 2020 and was highly appreciated for the humanity and care that the Police officer showed towards that monkey.
There were days when people in power too had taken references about animals on their social media handles.
Here in this tweet, Mr. Kiren Rijiju, The Minister of Law & Justice and Member of Parliament himself shared a post on Twitter saying “Animals can teach us many vital lessons that we may have missed”.

The above examples are not any “Long-Back Incidents” of the history, it is just a matter of 2years ago. This kind of Humanity or Care towards animals is rarely seen at present.

Feeding Monkeys or any animals was shared on social media and that was further shared on & on as an example that Humanity exists in this world.

But nowadays warning boards are kept not to feed monkeys and it is nowhere spoken about? Where is Humanity?

Also, it was not that previously each and every Human used to help these animals, they were only a few helping humans.

But now putting an end to that by charging fines for feeding those monkeys will end up making “Monkeys” extinct.

Feeding Spots should be Allocated!

Feeding Monkeys should be Allowed!

Few Hindus see monkeys as a symbolization of Lord Hanuman who is also known as “The Monkey God of Chiranjivis“. Few people strongly believe that if they help these monkeys, they get a lot of luck and goodness.

If all of a sudden few monkeys are entering cities, then what the D.F.O (District Forest Officers) are saying is right. By asking people not to feed the monkeys.

But it is just about one or two monkeys that have randomly entered cities. Earlier in a few other states also this had been followed not to feed such monkeys. That is Different! & That is Fine!

But here many generations of monkeys have lived and living… For many years!

Also, many monkeys have been victims of accidents on that road. Few have lost their hands or limbs, while few have lost lives.

Accident Prone Area

There are boards saying “Accident Prone Area” & warns to drive within the speed limit of 20km.

Speed Limit 20km

But who is following that 20kms speed limit?

At least an alternate path could have been created in such a way that monkeys don’t come onto these roads and collide with vehicles.

Instead, a parallel sub-road for 5-10kms could have been made ready, so that people who wish to feed those monkeys can go inside that path and feed them.

In this way, Monkeys might not have to come onto the highways and it is the safest alternative. Anyhow it is all forest area! So It could have been done that way!

It is just a suggestion because the forest has a vast area and if the government takes an effort to create a path separately, allowing people to feed monkeys, then many of them will go and feed the monkeys either as remedies as per astrology or as per their belief in auspiciousness.

Option for People to Donate Variety of Plants
Also, the Government can introduce an option for people, that they can not only help those monkeys with food items but also by donating plants that yield fruits, which government will plant in that forest on their behalf.
Option for People to Donate Variety of Plants

Also, the Government can introduce an option for people, that they can not only help those monkeys with food items but also by donating plants that yield fruits, which government will plant in that forest on their behalf.

Plants that yield a good amount of fruits for Animals in the Forest

Although Government might not require donations of plants, it is to provide people with an option of donating a variety and rare plants, that are good for the environment of the forest.

In this way, naturally, the forest will have more fruit-yielding trees that will be very helpful for the wildlife living beings surviving there.

Instead of asking people not to feed the starving animals, they can say that we have provided a separate space for feeding monkeys, So in heavy traffic places, monkeys should not be fed.

We are not against the Government…

We are not instructing the District Forest Office…

We just want to save those innocent animals, so we are expressing our heartfelt thoughts in the form of words here with the hope that these innocent animals will soon get justice to survive.

We have heard these three things many times:

Save Trees

Save Water

Save Nature

But, along with the above, there are three more things that has to be remembered, followed & passed on to generations:

These Innocent Animals are Part of Nature.

Saving this Nature is Our Responsibility.

Keeping up that Responsibility Defines Humanity.

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