The iPhone 14 series phones released by the famous tech giant brand Apple which are selling in millions of count globally.

Even though their price is high, the never fading fans of Apple Brand are placing orders to buy the iPhone. They are going abroad for the latest phone if it is not released in their respective countries.

As the iPhone 14 series phone released in few countries earlier than other countries, a young man named Dheeraj Palliyil (28) from Kochi, Kerala went to Dubai for the same phone.

iPhone 14 Pro Price in India

Dheeraj spent more than the price of iPhone Pro in India. He bought a 512GB iPhone 14 Pro at Mirdif City Center, Dubai. The price of the phone is Rs. 1,29,000 in Dubai whereas in India it is Rs. 1,59,900.

How is it costly compared to India? 

The price of the flight ticket is Rs.40 thousand plus and the price of the phone in Dubai is Rs.1,29,000 which makes total upto Rs. 1,69,000. 

The Netizens are calculating that if he would have bought the same phone in India, it would have been cost efficient by reducing Rs.10,000.

But Dheeraj, who is a huge fan of iPhone, wanted to be the first Indian to buy iPhone 14 Pro. That’s why he said that he went to Dubai.

Dheeraj Palliyil from India Travels to Dubai & Purchases iPhone14

Similarly on previous launch occasions, he bought iPhone 8 in 2017, then iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 before everyone else in Dubai.

He expressed happiness that he was the first Indian customer to buy an iPhone.

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