Gaming Addictions
gaming addiction incidents

Lucknow’s 16-Year-old boy Gaming Addiction Incident: These days gaming addiction incidents are leading to severe tragedy in many families. Many incidents are taking place because of such harmful video games. These video games make a person severely addict in such a way that they slowly lose control over themselves. One of the recent incidents shocked the entire nation.

gaming addiction incidents

Recently Lucknow’s 16-year-old boy got addicted to the online game PUBG in such a way that he was ready to do anything which was very difficult to imagine. His mother scolded him a lot for playing PUBG and tried to stop him every time he played PUBG. Also, he was accused by his mother of stealing money and investing in games. The boy denied that he did not steal money from the house. The boy shot his mother in her head using his father’s licensed pistol while his mother and sister were sleeping just because of his gaming addiction. His sister woke up hearing the gunshot sound. His father is reputed army personnel who is currently posted in West Bengal as a Joint Commissioner Officer (JCO).

gaming addiction incidents

After he shot his mother, he kept her body hidden for two days and used a room fresher to hide the smell of the decomposed body. He locked his nine-year-old sister in another room. Also, the boy threatened his sister by saying that he would kill her if she revealed her mother’s death incident outside. This incident took place on the 4th of June 2022, Saturday. The boy provided food from outside to his sister and kept her locked inside the room.

According to the police officials, the boy even texted his father from his mother’s phone. He pretended to be his mother and texted in messages as if everything was fine with his father.

On 7th June 2022, Tuesday evening the smell of the decomposed body became severe. On the same day evening, when his father dialed the mother’s number, the son spoke to his father about his mother’s death. After knowing about the incident, the father called the police immediately and informed his neighbors.

Police Investigations about the gaming addiction Incidents

The boy initially tried to make up a false story about the incident. He made up his own story by saying that, an electrician who had come to their house for wiring work shot his mother and died on spot after an argument with her.

A forensic team was called on the spot. The reports given by the forensic department stated that the woman was shot in the head from close range. Later her body was kept in an air-conditioned room for two to three days to hide the crime.

Later, the boy was finally caught upon further investigation by the police. The boy had to finally accept the truth as police found out during the investigation that there was no forced entry inside the house when the murder took place. While investigating the victim’s daughter she explained the whole incident and all this has happened because of his gaming addiction.

One of their neighbors has given a statement saying that the family was always friendly. They have a dog, which is usually tied with a leash. But for the past couple of days, the dog was seen without a leash. After investigating, the police officer said the boy had left the dog without a leash to prevent people from entering the house.

The boy’s father also said that he and his family will try their best to get the boy punished. Also, he will prepare his 10-year-old daughter to give a statement as a key witness.

The boy being a minor is prisoned under The Juvenile Justice Act as of now.

Parent’s care and affection toward children

The boy’s father said that he has purchased a cricket kit for him worth Rs 8,000 before ten days to quit his gaming addictions and slowly divert him towards physical games. His father also knew about his gaming addictions. His mother used to express the boy’s gaming addiction behavior to his father often while speaking on the phone.

This shows parents care for children. But that boy showed his vulgarity and ruthlessness by killing his own mother just for a video game. A mother who has carried him in her womb for 9 months before his birth, hard-worked day and night for 16 years to make the boy’s future brightful got ruthlessly killed by her own son who did not even think for about 16 seconds before taking such a cruel and foolish decision.

Parents scold their children for their bright future. If kids get addicted to these kinds of video games, it affects the brain’s functioning and affects the nervous system of their body. Parents know all these severe addiction consequences will lead youngsters to stand in long queues in front of hospitals and spend lakhs and lakhs of money to get rectified. Youngsters need to understand that Parents sacrifice their happiness only for them and scold them for their good sake.

If children are in trouble, it is parents who stand in front of them as god and help them always. Youngsters at this age don’t know what is right and what is wrong? Most of the time they become out of control and feel that whatever they do is right.

Parents at an early stage need to take strict action when children start playing video games at an small age. If not after children grow up such unexpected tragedies occur which would become difficult to control at that time.

These kinds of harmful video games need to get immediately banned and preventive measures should be taken to ensure youngsters’ safety.

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