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Gargi is an Indian Film in the Tamil Language. This film was made in Tamil and dubbed into other languages like Telugu & Malayalam and released on 13th July 2022 in Theatres.

Sai Pallavi starrer courtroom drama film named Gargi had not gained many expectations but ever since its release, this film is the talk of the town. What makes this film so special? and why is this film celebrated among the audience? Here is the Gargi Movie Review that covers detailed Synopsis, Plus points, and Minus points.





Sai Pallavi, the lead character of this film as Gargi belongs to a lower-middle-class family.

Gargi (Sai Pallavi) works as a Teacher in a school.

Gargi’s father works as a watchman in an apartment.

The story kickstarts when the apartment where her father works, a Nine-Year old Girl is raped. Police arrest 4 North Indians who are involved in this and as the 5th person, Gargi’s father is also convicted.

For Gargi, her father is everything to her in this whole world and when this situation comes she is ready to go to any extremes to prove her father’s innocence and get rid of this complicated conviction against him.



1) The Story of this film is unique and it has a Strong Narration that can make the audience feel and travel along with the characters of this film.

2) Audience might underrate this film as it is a social message-oriented film because usually, films like this have a routine pattern of conveying a message to the audience. Gargi is a film that has two strong messages to be conveyed of which one is felt throughout the film and another comes in the climax.

3) Films can have cinematography, music, screenplay, narration, dialogues, etc doing well in a film individually. But it is rare when all of these are pinned together giving absolute perfection, which also makes it difficult to tell which was better. Each and every element at its best!

4) Sai Pallavi as Gargi performed very realistically. As a teacher as well as a daughter fighting extremes to save her father, she excels in the role completely. Her dialogues and natural performance as the girl next door completely justified the character of Gargi. This is one of the main plus points for the audience being able to connect with the character’s story.

5) Kali Venkat as Gargi’s Advocate has done a great job. Though it is a supporting character that he plays, the role has quite equal preference and Venkat has performed well in the given role.

5) Audience might feel that there is going to be a father and daughter emotional flashback to strongly justify why Gargi is fighting so much to prove her father’s innocence. But No! There is no such lag anywhere which becomes the plus point of this film.

6) There are a few scenes that might seem as if they don’t mark their importance to the film. While watching it the audience will not at all have an idea that those small scenes shown are going to make it big in the climax. All together those scenes are connected in the climax as a Twist that keeps the audience stunned.


1) There are hardly one or two scenes that might be lengthy. A few lags here and there. That’s it!!


After a long long time, Tamil Film Industry gets to witness a film that gives complete satisfaction as well as a strong message.

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The Plus Points and Minus Points of this Film Gargi have been explained above. So hope the readers find this Review informational.

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