Hyderabad boy gaming addiction

Hyderabad 16year old Boy Gaming Addiction: Words like Shocking, Astounding, Speechless, or any synonyms to these words are applicable to this incident that you are about to read now! Latest & True incident about 16-year-old Hyderabad boy Gaming Addiction and where it has led to.

A recent incident about a 16-year-old boy who spent 36Lakhs extravagantly on Gaming came into the limelight. This incident shocked his Family as well as the entire cybercrime unit. The boy lives in Amberpet, Hyderabad, and is a 16-year-old intermediate student, the Son of a Late Policeman. The gaming addiction of this boy took over him and that made him reach any extent to fulfill his addiction.

Hyderabad boy gaming addiction

He downloaded a shooting game on his grandfather’s mobile and due to his addiction to that game at every upgrade in level after level, he started using the in-app purchases of that game. Initially, he started spending Rs.1,500 which gradually raised up to Rs.10,000 and in lakhs also.

How did this 16-year-old boy spend lakhs of Rupees on Games?

Actually, to name it “Spending” is wrong here in this boy’s case, as he had stolen this money from his mother’s account. Well, was the boy’s mother super-rich that he could spend 36 lakh rupees extravagantly on gaming? Of course not! and This is what shocked everyone.

The boy’s mother received a compensation amount from the Government that was credited to her two bank accounts. The Compensation amount was received for her Late Husband who was a Policeman working in the Cyberabad Police Department. This compensation amount was stolen from her account, by her son, to spend on games due to his gaming addiction.

How did this issue come to Light?

The boy’s mother was completely unaware of all this money being spent on gaming. She went to withdraw the amount from her SBI Account in Hyderabad. She had Rupees 27 Lakhs and to her extreme shock, the whole amount has vanished. It seemed like a suspicious transaction to an unknown source. Then she immediately checked her other account in HDFC, and that too had Rupees 9 Lakhs missing. She was extremely tense and shocked about how could such a huge amount vanish within a span of 1month without her knowledge. She approached the cybercrime unit and got to know that transactions were made to a Game’s in-app purchase.

Online games have become one of the most dangerous problems of today’s generation with the increased ratio of gaming addiction and this issue of Hyderabad Boy is the best example of raising Gaming Addiction that has to be taken into consideration and sorted immediately or else it may occur again somewhere in some part of India or World.

Online gaming playing

Cyber Crime & Police Investigations to Find Missing Amount

During the investigation, the Police found that all the transactions were performed using her bank credentials and these amounts were spent on gaming apps through the “In-App Purchase” option. Later the Police and Cybercrime unit realized that it was this boy from Hyderabad who has done all these transactions to fulfill his gaming addiction.

How did the boy make Huge Transactions without his mother’s knowledge?

The boy with his malicious intelligence had opted for an auto-debit option while making the payment to make sure that his mother does not come to know about his gaming transactions. He knew that if Auto-Debit is enabled, the game would further not prompt him to perform the transactions each and every time.

By which Method did the Transactions Happen?

Officially there have been no reports disclosed to the Hyderabad media on what method he used to activate the Auto-Debit for his gaming addiction. But in order to caution the readers, here we are mentioning the possibility of how it could have been done and what safety measures have to be taken at home to get their kids rid of such gaming addiction. It isn’t about Hyderabad, All over India as well as All over the World.

Safety measures at home? What is this? Isn’t our home the safest place in the world? YES! of course, it used to be… and of course, it could be if you follow certain measures. But at present? whether it is safe or not! Neither we know, nor we can take a chance because nowadays Gaming Addictions have taken over the children at home, so it is that addiction that is making them take malicious steps which isn’t safe for themselves as well as the family that they live in.

We cannot say that the mother was careless, but she should have been more cautious!

Why should she let her son know about her Debit Card or Credit Card Pin and why should she keep it in an accessible place. And most importantly at every transaction, the message would be delivered even if it Auto-Debit opted. So were the messages deleted by her son intentionally from her phone? If so, then why does she have to keep a password that her son knows.

Possible ways of Transactions

Auto-Debit can only be set using a Debit card or Credit Card and no UPI or NetBanking supports Auto Debit in Apps, especially in Gaming Apps.

Cybercrime reports say that he used the banking credentials of his mother, but which credentials have not been disclosed. The only possibility is the Debit Card option.

Usually, a Game or any app has many payment methods out of which Auto-Debit is possible with only one method, that is by submitting the Card Number as the first step

Then by submitting the CVV code in the second step(As shown in the Image, CVV is a 3 Digit Pin that is printed on the back side of the Debit or Credit Card).

Previously, whenever such issues were raised, the police officials have given advice too, that parents should pay attention to the mobile games played by their children.

If this Hyderabad boy’s mother would have been responsible and monitored his Gaming Addiction and activities regularly then this loss of 36 lakhs wouldn’t have happened. This huge amount could have been spent on her child’s higher education and also manage the expenses of the family’s needs when required.


Where is the World Going???

Parents love their children unconditionally. Most of them live for their kids.

Parents are running here and there to earn money for whom???

It is purely for their family and their kids… Few parents do not even have delicious food while they are outside and work so hard, to save that cost and spend that money for their children’s happiness. They travel hours and hours for long distances keeping their hunger aside and they eat only after reaching home.

Parents are doing all this for whom? Are they doing it for their own sake and benefits???

Mostly, the Home department or could say the Home’s Minister is the Female(Mother). If you expect family’s respect to be high, then it is necessary that your kid’s future should be safe.

Mothers have to be strict when they have to!

We don’t have to instruct a Mother, who knows how to care for her children.

My children are studying in a good school? Do they eat well?

Am I keeping my family and kids high in front of relatives and society?

Are my kids studying well? Am I keeping my family and kids happy?

Is my current income sufficient for my family and kids to survive and be happy?

Are my kids healthy? How to plan for a very good higher education for my kids?

Are my kids living a good and safe life?

– Thoughts running inside every parent’s mind

All these thoughts are running inside every parent’s mind. Either it might be Male or Female, who is doing the prime roles and responsibility for their family. Of course, both men and women are Equal. But sometimes the female in the family has more responsibilities towards family and home rather than men who have to run continuously behind the money to fulfill their family requirements.


These days fathers are easily giving their children’s responsibilities to mothers. If they get a Holiday for one or two days also, they should be spending time with their children as it is the prime responsibility of a father.

And If on those holidays also, you don’t spend time with children and it is only drinking, sleeping, or spending time with their friends at a party, all that you have to remember is that you have brought them into this world so it is your responsibility to spend your valuable time with your kids.

Your children might watch you, observe you and learn things from you. So be a role model to them by teaching them many new good things from your experiences and improving their skills. When men are at home, they must educate their children and create awareness about good and bad things in life.

If you think you’re giving freedom to kids at a young age and leaving them in their own ways, many tragedies are bound to happen unknowingly. As a result, the whole family members will get affected.

It is important to trust your kids. But at the same time, it is necessary to keep a Doubted vision on them. If your doubts become false it is well and good. There is no need to scold yourself for being doubtful about your kids. Instead, Just tell yourself that you are doing this for your kid’s bright future and their safety.


A parent’s responsibility is to ensure that their kids are living and surviving in a safe zone. It is you who have brought them to this world.

It is not advisable to leave your children on their own after a certain age thinking that they have grown up and are well -matured enough to take care of themselves.



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