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Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi is a Crime Documentary Series that will be released on July 20th, 2022 on Netflix. Recently the Trailer was released by the makers and it defines why Netflix is known as the Streaming Giant of all OTT Platforms.

It is no wonder that Netflix’s subscription cost is the highest among all OTT platforms but still people tend to spend on Netflix and never felt regret even for once! That is because of the strong content, uncompromising visuals, enhanced sound, and most importantly unique stories that were never experienced before.

To be able to satisfy the people of one whole nation is a tough task. Whereas Netflix has been successful for many years in satisfying people of every nation & across the globe.

Here is the Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi Trailer released by Netflix:

Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi Trailer

Indian Predator Trailer Impression

After watching this Trailer, we can say that the Visual Presentation and the content it has come up with are very good. How is it going to fulfill the expectations? That needs to be watched after its release.

As soon as the Trailer was released there were many comments that it is similar to House of Secrets, which is also a Documentary series by Netflix. There were many doubts surrounding this on social media too.

is “Indian Predator” similar to “House of Secrets”?

Definitely not! It is because the House of Secrets is based on a true incident in Burari, Delhi which is about the death investigation of 11 family members of the Bhatia family. The investigation of whether it was a Suicide or Murder is the story of this film.

Whereas Indian Predator is about a serial killer who kills people and challenges the police.

So both these stories are different & the only thing in common between these two series is “Based on True Story” & “Documentary Series by Netflix”

Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi Based on True Story?

Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi Based on Whom?

Yes, Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi is Based on the True Story of Chandrakant Jha, a Serial Killer, and Psychopath who killed and butchered 7 victims brutally.

Chandrakant Jha the person on whom the Indian Predator the Butcher of India is based on! -

This is a true incident that happened between the year 1998 to 2007, in west Delhi. His first killing was in the year 1998 for which he was arrested but later in 2002, he was released due to lack of evidence.

Later after his release, his target was young male migrants from other states who come for work. He befriends and promises to get small jobs but his disputes with them over small things would lead to their murder by strangling (choking their throat).

After killing them, he used to behead and butcher their body into pieces and leave those body parts around the city & outside the Tihar Jail with a note challenging the police if they dare to catch him.

His pleasure in killing people and provoking challenges to the police in an insulting manner increased day by day.

Finally, the day came when he was caught and produced in court.

In February 2013, He received two death sentences which were later reduced to Life Imprisonment until Death in January 2016.

Though the makers haven’t exactly revealed in the trailer about whom the Indian Predator is based, the scenes and dialogues shown in the trailer match exactly with the above-mentioned incident. Especially the reference to leaving bodies outside Tihar Jail with a challenging Note to Police is exactly the same.

Netflix has also confirmed that this is based on True Story through their Instagram Post :

Nothing can prepare you for a crime so evil and a story so haunting that it still plagues an entire city.
The hair-raising true crime story of Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi, comes out 20 July, only on Netflix.

– Netflix India

Indian Predator the Butcher of Delhi is set to release on 20th July 2022 on Netflix. Let us hope Netflix delivers another strong content-oriented Crime Documentary Series.

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