Liger Trailer

Liger Trailer: Liger is the most awaited Tollywood movie that has created hype for a long time starring  Vijay Deverakonda,  Ananya PandayRonit Roy and Ramya Krishna in lead roles. Directed and written by  Puri Jagannadh, the film was made over a budget of 100 crores.

Liger Trailer has been released today(21st July 2022) and it is a big celebration for all Vijay Devarkonda fans, as the trailer has started to trend at its peak levels on social media platforms.

Apart from Telugu, this movie is being released in other languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada.

The camerawork and Vijay Devarkonda are the biggest assets of the film. Director Puri Jagganadh has showcased Vijay Devarkonda in a powerful never seen avatar of his career.

The excellent cinematography by Vishnu Sarma is very much impressive.

Liger Trailer

Actor Vijay Devarkonda’s hard work and dedication are shown in every frame of his scene in this trailer. Vijay Devarkonda who has performed a mass action role in Arjun Reddy will be seen with power-packed action sequences in this movie.

Vijay Devarkonda dedicated more than two years to this one movie and worked hard for his body transformations, trying out a new different look with his long flowing hair and decided to make a different attempt in his career, after facing back-to-back flops of Taxiwaala(2018), Dear Comrade (2019), and World Famous Lover(2020).

-Vijay Devarkonda's 1st still from Liger Trailer
-Vijay Devarkonda’s 1st still from Liger Trailer
-Vijay Devarkonda's 2nd still from Liger Trailer
-Vijay Devarkonda’s 2nd still from Liger Trailer

The star actor who is known for his mass and fluent dialogues in his previous films is shown as a stammerer in this movie’s trailer, which was a different attempt for Vijay Devarkonda in his career.

Vijay Devarkonda after scoring back-to-back Blockbusters in Arjun Reddy(2017) and Geetha Govindam(2018), will be aiming for this movie to become the biggest blockbuster movie in his career.

All Fans will be excited to see Vijay Devarkonda on the big screens after two-and-half years.

-Vijay Devarkonda's 3rd still from Liger Trailer
-Vijay Devarkonda’s 3rd still from Liger Trailer

Vijay Devarkonda has undergone a special martial arts training in Thailand, as we have seen many fantastic action scenes performed by him in this movie’s trailer.

-Vijay Devarkonda's 4th still from Liger Trailer
-Vijay Devarkonda’s 4th still from Liger Trailer

Also, the American Boxing legend Mike Tyson plays an interesting cameo in this action-sports drama movie.

Legendary American  Boxer Mike Tyson's 1st still from Liger Trailer
-Legendary American Boxer Mike Tyson’s 1st still from Liger Trailer
Legendary American  Boxer Mike Tyson's 2nd still from Liger Trailer
Legendary American Boxer Mike Tyson’s 2nd still from Liger Trailer

Apart from Vijay Devarkonda’s stunning performance and the cinematography in this trailer, it is Ramya Krishnan who steals the entire show with her stunning performance. The 51-year-old actress impresses with her performance and dialogues in this trailer.

-Ramya Krishnan's 1st still from Liger Movie
-Ramya Krishnan’s 1st still from Liger Movie

It is confirmed seeing the trailer that, the movie’s story will travel on all important sequences of Ramya Krishnan’s character, playing the role of Vijay Devarkonda’s mother.

Ramya Krishnan is known for her exceptional performance in all-time blockbuster movies like Padayappa(1999), Baahubali: The Beginning (2015), and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion(2017) , and is expected to deliver another sensational and powerful performance in this movie, which would be remembered for years to come.

-Ramya Krishnan's 2nd still from Liger Movie
-Ramya Krishnan’s 2nd still from Liger Movie
-Ramya Krishnan's 3rd still from Liger Movie
-Ramya Krishnan’s 3rd still from Liger Movie

Liger Trailer in Different Languages

Here is the Liger Trailer released officially in five different languages:

1. Telugu

-Liger Trailer (Telugu)

2. Tamil

-Liger Trailer (Tamil)

3. Malayalam

-Liger Trailer( Malayalam)

4. Hindi

-Liger Trailer(Hindi)

5. Kannada

-Liger Trailer(Kannada)

Overall Reviews About Liger Trailer

Liger Movie shooting began in January 2020 and was halted many times due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many times the film’s shooting was suspended and resumed. Finally, the entire team of the Liger movie wrapped up the shooting work in February 2022.

Director Puri Jagannadh and his team’s entire efforts have been showcased in Liger Trailer.

The movie is scheduled for a grand release theatrically on 25th August 2022 worldwide.

This movie is sure to be watched on big screens for Vijay Devarkonda’s hard work, dedication, excellent cinematography, and stunning action sequences.

Also, it would be interesting to watch Ramya Krishan’s dominating performance, which will be the main highlight of this action-sports drama movie.

Can Puri Jagannadh and Vijay Devarkonda meet up to the expectations and hype of every audience about this movie?

Can Vijay Devarkonda make a comeback in his career with this movie?


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