Lokesh Kanagaraj about Thalapathy 67

Lokesh Kanagaraj about Thalapathy 67: Lokesh Kanagaraj is enjoying the peak success of his biggest and blockbuster-directed movie Vikram which collected more than 400 crores at the box office, thereby becoming the all-time industry hit movie.

Previously, Lokesh Kanagaraj announced officially that he would be directing another film with Thalapathy Vijay which was titled “Thalapathy 67” and the project is expected to begin after the star actor completes the shooting of his 66th film titled Varisu directed by Vamshi Paidipally.

According to the latest news, there will be six villains in Thalapathy 67 and Sanjay Dutt will be one of the main villains.

Lokesh Kanagaraj about Thalapathy 67
-Lokesh Kanagaraj about Thalapathy 67

Recently, Lokesh Kanagaraj announced that he will be taking a small break from Social Media to work on the script of Thalapathy 67.

Earlier, it was mentioned that Samantha will be playing the female lead in this movie though there is no full confirmation, as the director is busy developing a full-fledged story.

Also, he mentioned that he will share more details about Thalapathy 67 on 24th August 2022, that is, exactly three years ago as the same date he made the announcement for Master in 2019.

Lokesh Kanagaraj about Thalapathy 67: Overall News

Earlier, Lokesh Kanagaraj revealed that Thalapathy 67 is a gangster-action drama and many fans are expecting Lokesh Kanagaraj to bring Thalapathy Vijay into this Lokiverse/ Loki Universe with this film.

As it is confirmed that, it would be Dilli vs Rolex in the Lokiverse, it would be exciting to know where Thalapathy Vijay will be featuring in this Lokiverse.

Also, Lokesh Kanagaraj about Thalapathy 67 revealed that the film will be filled full of surprises.

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