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Maayon is an Indian Mystery Adventure Film in the Tamil Language, which was released on 24th June 2022 in Theatres. Mystery Adventure is most loved by Indians as well as Audiences across the Globe. Although it is rare in India that movies of this genre are made very often. After a long time in India Cinema, especially in the Tamil Language, we get to see a Mystery Adventure through this film Maayon. Did this Film succeed in gaining positive feedback? Is this film up to the mark? Should you Watch Maayon in Theatres? (or) Wait for Maayon OTT Release?





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Maayon is a Mountain where Pallikonda Krishna Temple is located. According to their tradition, the Temple doors are closed by evening 6 pm and entering the temple after that time is strictly prohibited.

It is believed that the one who enters the temple after 6 pm will return as a person who would have lost his thinking intellectual with no consciousness. Ever since that was said no one dared to break that rule.

But still, Knowing about a secret room inside the temple where priceless treasures are stored in abundance, A Gang of idol smugglers plans to conquer those treasures.

Having made their plans very clear, this gang decides to enter the temple after 6 pm in the evening. What happened to this Gang that entered the temple? Were they able to Conquer those Priceless Treasures? and Many such suspense forms the rest of this story.



1) The Story of this film written by Arun Mozhi Manickam, the Writer as well as Producer of this film made the On-Paper story very well as there are audiences who love Treasure Hunt Adventure movies but there are not many such films made in Indian Cinema.

2) Cinematography by C. Ram Prasad, whose work in recent Blockbuster Akhanda was appreciated, has done another marvelous job in this film. The visuals are appealing to the eyes, be the Drone Shots and Aerial Shots of the Temple exterior (or) the low-angle shots and lighting for the Temple interior.

3) Art Direction by Balasubramanian is appreciatable as the sets and surroundings designed are astonishing and this film that was made with a budget of 15crores but also has a good attractive production design.

4) Acting & Performance by each and every artist in this film is up to the mark. The roles were neither overacted nor wasted. It was apt for each one of them who performed in this film.


1) Music and BGM are just average and not impressive. The maestro Illayaraja is being missed for what he is a maestro.

2) Placement of Songs is the biggest drawback and irritating factor of this film.

When something serious is discussed between the lead actors(The Hero & Heroine), all of a sudden there comes a Romantic Song that is unnecessary & looks like it was added forcefully just because it was composed and shot.

Usually, stories like this should have nothing to do with Hero, Heroine, Songs, and other commercial elements. But this film has! and nothing is more disastrous than that…

3) The Making of this Film is a serious issue and major drawback. Looks like the scenes shot or edited were unplanned. Too many lags and confusion in the second half created disappointment in the audience.

4) CGI & VFX ruined the story and making of this film completely. When the film started with a narration with CGI & VFX showing a chess board, the visuals looked extraordinary and promising. But as the movie proceeds further the budget dropdown is clearly visible with the CGI & VFX involved in scenes.

5) Budget of this film is 15crores and the team should have discussed earlier itself that with this budget will they be able to give out the best output? Will they be able to justify the off-screen well-written story properly on-screen? Looks like most of the scenes were unplanned and forcefully completed as they have started shooting. If not the Best, at least the Basic could have been attained. If not Basics too, then this film could have been avoided.

6) The two Villains in this story are not stronger. Not at all how a villain needs to be! As if they didn’t want to exist longer in this movie. Just in a few scenes here and there, then in the climax! They didn’t have much to do in this film and probably naming them as Villains is not right.

7) It is not that the first half created hype and the second half spoiled it… It is a complete film of 2hrs 15min that only has only half-content! The scenes and Genre are wasted to that level…


Maayon, is a Treasure-Hunt Adventure Film in India, that too in Tamil cinema after a long time, delivers a few plus points with major minus points.

Though nothing was expected much before its release, what created the expectations was the first 3 to 4 minutes of narration of this film, and what disappointed was the rest of this film not being up to the mark.

Should you watch MAAYON in Theatres?
Wait for MAAYON OTT Release?

Those who love Treasure Hunt Adventures but haven’t watched such films for a very long time and want to just watch a movie of that genre based on the plus points mentioned above, then you can Watch MAAYON in Theatres.

If you are a person who gives importance to the minus points mentioned above then it is up to you to decide whether you want to watch it on big screens or Wait for MAAYON OTT Release.

Note: Here is Maayon IMDb Rating, which keeps changing according to the number of user votes and reviews.

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The Plus Points and Minus Points of this Film Maayon have been explained above. So hope the readers find this Review informational.

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