man escapes from whale

In Life many things happen, either knowingly or unknowingly. However certain situations cannot be Predicted so if humans face tragedy either knowingly or unknowingly, they tend to collapse, and that is what a human’s nature is… But if someone has a “strong will” and wants to live, then surely they will find a way! They will ask “their will” to help, They will hold their hands together to Pray to God and at any cost, They will find a way to come out of that situation. The above lines are apt to this particular incident of a man who escaped from a humpback whale.

A 57-year-old commercial Lobster diver named Michael Packard recalls his terrifying experience that happened on 11th June 2021. It is a miracle that he returned to work just three weeks before. After a long time, he was discharged from Cape Cod Hospital. He is the best living example of the fact that one who is protected by God, lives a long life. This man who escaped from the Humpback whale has become the talk all over the world.

man escaped from humpback whale

How Michael Packard escaped from Whale’s Attack

Recently, Michael Packard reveals his miraculous escape from the whale’s mouth in his latest interview. This incident took place when he was at Provincetown, 45 feet deep inside the water. It was an unexpected counter with the 27,000kg Humpback Whale while diving at the sea.

On his third dive of the day, Michael Packard felt the entire pressure on his body as he was completely surrounded by water with darkness deep inside the sea with a sudden bump. As he was moving through the water at a fast pace, he suddenly encountered a Humpback with no way to escape. He was completely swallowed by the Humpback. Later, he realized that he was swallowed by a Whale and not Shark.

He estimated that he was inside the whale’s mouth for about 30 seconds he could not feel any teeth and any kind of pain. Even though he was inside the whale’s mouth, he was able to breathe inside with the help of his breathing apparatus. There seemed to be little or no hopes for Michael to survive.

He was in a state of mind that probably this was his last moment of life. The memories of his wife and children flashed in front of his eyes. At the same time when the whale uplifted its head to approach the top surface of the water, Michael who was in absolute darkness inside the whale’s stomach could suddenly feel a ray of light coming in. That is when Michael realized that it was not just a ray of light, but also a ray of hope that he could Survive. He then started causing inconvenience to the whale by dashing and pushing himself against the whale’s stomach with a tremendous force which made the whale open its mouth and the man jumped out.

Later, he was rescued by one of his crewmates in the surface boat and admitted to the hospital for a long time. After a scientific study by Charles Stormy Mayo, a senior scientist, and whale expert there were some interesting facts discovered. According to the scientist, Humpbacks are not aggressive. This accidental encounter occurred as the whale was trying to feed on small fish.

man escaped from humpback whale

As of now, Michael is completely alright after being admitted to the hospital nearly for a year due to dislocated knee and soft tissue damage issue.

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