man climbs on top of police vehicle

A new video about one of the recent incidents at Asifnagar, Hyderabad is becoming viral on social media. The man named Ajay Singh was reportedly intoxicated with ganja and jumped onto a moving police patrol vehicle. These days high consumption of alcohol risks human life a lot.

This incident happened in the Jhirra area while checking routine drunk and drive tests. A group of drunkards blocked the road to protest against the police. Simultaneously, another group in befuddled condition joined the protest with a further step ahead. The group started vandalizing the windscreens of a few private vehicles after a severe riot took place.

A police patrol vehicle reached the spot after receiving information and tried to take the entire situation into control. Some members managed to escape from the spot.

One of the group members, in an inebriated condition, pranced on top of a moving police car and tried to ravage the vehicle. The drunkard kept himself balanced while the vehicle was moving at a fast speed. He started sabotaging the windscreen of the police vehicle, hopped onto the bonnet, and from there, hit the roof of the vehicle in front of the beacon lights. In spite of the driver’s effort to get rid of the drunkard, he refused to get down and started abusing the cops.

man jumped on moving police vehicle

After several attempts, a group of cops managed to get the accused down when the driver made an unexpected turn of the vehicle into a nearby petrol bunk.

The police arrested the accused and charged him severely for creating a nuisance and damaging both public and private property.

Latest Video about this incident

Here is the video about this incident that occurred recently at Asifnagar, Hyderabad:

Public Opinion about Police

From this incident, it is clear that the fear of police is vanishing day by day, and the public started taking police for granted. Police behave in an empathetic manner toward the public only to help and protect them from a severe crisis. That doesn’t mean tolerating the nuisance created. Severe action needs to be taken against such people for violating the rules and regulations.

Hereby, people should behave in a responsible way and should be a good example for the young generations to follow the good path.

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