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Pattampoochi is the latest Indian Crime Thriller Movie in the Tamil Language. This movie was released on June 24th, 2022 in Theatres with minimum promotions prior to its release. Although the concept of this film has a new side of contribution to the Indian cinemas but still has got a lot of mixed reviews and different opinions from critics as well as the audience. Why is it so? Where did the film go wrong? Pattampoochi is copy? If yes, then Pattampoochi Movie is copy of which movie? There might be many such questions that remain as questions until you reached here, but now you will have the answers by the time you complete reading this post.



The story is set up in 1989 when Jai is imprisoned in Madras Central Jail for a murder that he committed and he is sentenced to be hanged for which just 2 more days are left.

At the same time, a character called Patampoochi is spoken about as a serial killer who is the reason behind the terrific killings that happened, but the police are unaware of how he looks, and what is his motive/ They are also unable to find any ways to get him.

Amidst all this, to a shock, Jai comes up with a revelation that he is the most wanted Serial Killer “Pattampoochi” for whom the Police have been searching for a long time regarding those Murders. After this statement, his punishment to hang is paused till the investigation is done thoroughly to get detailed information on how he committed those crimes.

This case is handed over to Sundar C, who plays the lead of this story as a cop. Thereafter How is this case handled by Sundar C? What happens to Jai? What are the further proceedings? forms the rest of the story.


This movie might look new and fresh concept to a few Indian Audiences but it actually resembles the Hollywood Film The Silence of the Lambs (1991), South Korean Film Dark Figure of Crime (2018), and the Italian Film The Girl in the Fog (2017)

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

As the film Pattampoochi starts, the way it is showcased and the scenes resemble this Hollywood film The Silence of the Lambs, which is quite old that released in 1991.

Probably, Pattampoochi is also showcased in the early 80s so maybe they wanted a reference from this film.

Another coincidence or inspiration or whatever… The title of the Film Pattampoochi means Butterfly in English & that is what we can see in this Poster of The Silence of the Lambs.

Dark Figure of Crime (2018)

The film Pattampoochi has a slight crossing-over the resemblance to the South Korean Film Dark Figure of Crime, which was released in the year 2018.

The Girl in the Fog (2017)

Especially the Pre-Climax and Climax portions of Pattampoochi have scenes that resemble the Italian Film The Girl in the Fog, which was released in the year 2017.


Plus Points:

1) The Concept of this Film might be new to the Indian Audience who hasn’t watched the above-mentioned Hollywood films from which this has been inspired.

2) The Editor for his best contribution to the film has to be appreciated. The scene cuts are not disturbing and in fact, for a genre like a crime thriller, editing plays an important role & Fenny Oliver, the editor of this film has done a good job!

3) First Half has no big complaints or regrets regarding the performances of the characters or the screenplay.

4) Cinematography is good and well-balanced according to the scene.

Minus Points:

1) Poor Screenplay ruins the film as this kind of concept was supposed to be a very engaging edge-of-the-seat Thriller. But, unfortunately, it ends up being a cat and mouse story of routinely Hero chasing to catch the Villain. This was not how this film was supposed to be.

2) Cinematography could have been improved, and a few scenes in the night shots could have been handled much better to maintain the intensity.

3) Second Half was too miserable that the screenplay or story dropdown seemed to be a very old-school drama. First Half somehow managed to keep the audience in the theatre till the second half but the lag is not just boring, it is irritating too.

4) Unrealistic scenes could have either been planned and shot well or directly trimmed out of the film because that disturbs the audience a lot!

5) Actor Jai’s Characterization in this Film becomes a drawback because when a concept is designed to be a complete Pschyo Serial Killer the person playing that role should be apt to that. Either by the looks or by performance, Jai is not the perfect choice for this role though he has tried and given his best.

6) Director Badri is the biggest drawback to this concept and genre. That is because he had earlier directed a few Comedy films out of which only Thillu Mullu was successful. Probably he shouldn’t have come out of that genre to try such a serious and unique concept because many scenes in this film show the reflections of a comedy genre director which turned out to be the biggest drawback of this film.


Though this film was inspired from Hollywood, South Korean, and Italian Films, and also it might be the first film of this concept in India, the film didn’t do the proper justice.

One thing that has to be appreciated about this film is that they chose not to promote much about this film, and in that way, this was not a bigger disappointment to the audience as they didn’t expect much from this film. But still, those who have spent watching it in theatres came out of the cinema hall with frustrated faces and disappointed feelings.

Note: Here is Pattampoochi IMDb Rating, which keeps changing according to the number of user votes and reviews.

Pattampoochi (2022) on IMDb

The Plus Points and Minus Points of this Film Pattampoochi have been explained above. So hope the readers find this Review informational.

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