Ravi Shastri's Latest Statement

Ravi Shastri’s latest statement on T20 cricket shocks everyone. Recently, the Former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri expresses his opinion about the T20 international matches.

According to Ravi Shastri, a lot of bilateral cricket is being played in the T20s  and no one remembers the bilateral tournament. Except for the World Cup, he does not remember a single T20 match during the last six to seven years of his tenure as an Indian coach.

One of team India’s most successful coaches also feels that the best way will be the T20 World Cup in two years with franchise cricket so that the enthusiasm increases among all cricket lovers.

Ravi Shastri’s tenure as India coach completed last year. He said this statement recently ahead of the India vs South Africa T20 Series 2022.

Ravi Shastri's Latest Statement

Ravi Shastri’s Latest Statement

“A team wins the World Cup, they remember it. Unfortunately, we don’t, so I don’t even remember that. Franchise cricket is being played all over the world. It should go the football way, where, in T20 Cricket, you just play the World Cup. Bilateral tournaments – no one remembers” .

-Ravi Shastri about T20 interantional cricket

He even stated that in the future, there could be two seasons of the IPL in a year. Ravi Shastri said at the suggestion of two IPL seasons in a year.

That’s the future. It could be tomorrow – 140 games, split 70-70. In two seasons. You never know. That’s the way it’s going to go

Because of a different format, the addition of the two new teams, both of whom were part of the tournament’s later stages and one of whom went on to win it, did not result in a longer season this year, but the number of matches is likely to increase from next year onwards

The NFL can go on for seven or eight months of the year, the IPL is not far behind. You will have to break it up. Give a break to the player and come back in a new corridor (in the cricket calendar). You might think that’s an overdose, but nothing is an overdose in India.

I have been sitting outside the bubble, I have been watching people, how they have seen, how they have reviewed these last few months, especially [after coming] out of Covid. And they are loving every bit of it, and they are almost having withdrawal symptoms.”

-Ravi Shastri on future of IPL

Akash Chopra on Future of IPL

“I actually foresee there might be two editions of the IPL in every calendar year. And that’s not too far away.”

-former India opener Akash Chopra


Ravi Shastri explains that the T20 format is not for bilateral series between international teams as the T20 format should be restricted to the World Cup only.

According to the latest statement given by Ravi Shastri, after this T20 world cup 2022, there may be changes in the schedule and pattern of T20 international games for all teams. So, it is possible that a new era of the T20 cricket game can be expected sooner.

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