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Sai Pallavi has now become the reason for heated controversy across the country. The actress, in her recent interview, spoke about her religious views & opinions. She compared two incidents that flared up the anger on social media. Though there are a few people praising her for being bold. On the other side, there is the whole country’s rage at her controversial comparison. Unfortunately, even her fans couldn’t extend their support to her. There couldn’t be any single explanation on social media to say that this controversy is “unnecessary” and It is because her comparison seemed “meaningless” and that is what people are naming it on social media right now! so, What did Sai Pallavi say about Kashmir Files?.

Sai Pallavi: “Southern Actress” to “National Crush”

Sai Pallavi is a south Indian actress who was born in Kotagiri, Nilgiris District, Tamilnadu. She lived in Coimbatore where she was raised and educated.

Being a south Indian her mother tongue is not Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, or Kannada.

Sai Pallavi’s mother tongue is Badaga, the language spoken by the people of Nilgiri District (especially those belonging to the immigrant communities). Badaga is a part of Southern Dravidian Languages.

Why is Sai Pallavi known as the National Crush of India?

Sai Pallavi is one of those rare actresses whose on-screen appearance is not much different from what she looks like off-screen. Pure Naturality & ethnicity in her looks and acting impressed a large audience in South India. She started her journey with Blockbuster hit film in Malayalam, Premam and her career started to take off in the Tamil and Telugu film industries as well! Surprisingly her south films which were dubbed officially or fan-dubbed in Hindi also attracted a large audience from North India. That is why Sai Pallavi is known as The National Crush of India.

Sai Pallavi: “National Crush” to “National Controversy”

Sai Pallavi’s upcoming Telugu Film Virata Parvam is all set to release in theatres worldwide on 17th June 2022. The Trailer seemed to be promising a Top-Notch Visual Experience and Cinematography. In the process of her Film Promotion, she appeared for the latest interview on the GreatAndhra Youtube channel.

As the Film Virata Parvam is based on a Naxal Backdrop that took place in Telangana during the 90s, actress Sai Pallavi was asked to share her opinion and experiences if she had faced any such conflicts or discrimination.

Though the question was not particularly about any religious conflicts, she spoke about it from her perspective. She also compared two different incidents and equaled them as “Same” which became a controversy.

Sai Pallavi spoke about the incidents shown in the film “Kashmir Files” comparing it with a “Cow Smuggling Issue” which is totally an unparallel concept.

Sai Pallavi about Kashmir Files:

Recently, Sai Pallavi appeared in an interview with the GreatAndhra Youtube channel. In that interview, she talks about her family and about her growing up in a very neutral family, that has no space for religious bias. It is well and good!. But when it comes to Kashmir Files, It is a movie based on real-life incidents and not based on one’s imagination. It depicts The story of the Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus and Pandits. Exodus which means “The mass departure of people”. This film, Kashmir Files clearly depicts the early 90s exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus as a Genocide, which means “Destruction with Intention”.

Who is Sai Pallavi? What has Sai Pallavi done for society? She should think of all these before speaking on such sensitive social issues. Just because she is an actress, she cannot speak anything and cross her line, which is not good for her future.

Sai Pallavi is speaking about a group of people beating the truck driver who was smuggling cows. She compares this issue with the incidents shown in Kashmir Files and says “What difference is there between these two issues? Both are the Same”.


Sai Pallavi about Kashmir Files:

The Kashmir Files depicts a real-life incident of a Large population mass-murdered. That was named Genocide (Destruction with an Intension) and that is why it is known as Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus and Pandits. Whereas, here in the cow smuggling issue, she says a certain group of people attacked the driver. Who are those people? They come under BJP and RSS. So, is SAI PALLAVI INDIRECTLY SLAMMING BJP OR RSS? So, Ms.Sai Pallavi is sky-high being a National crush of India? That she slams the National ruling Party? and comparing incidents of Kashmir with the Cow smuggling issue.

Sai Pallavi about Cow Smuggling Issue:

Cows should not be taken to slaughterhouses and cow smuggling is illegal. There is already a rule in Government. Is Sai Pallavi unaware of that rule? Why is she only specific about the truck driver’s religion? When a person is going against the rule, those people might have stopped to hand him over to the cops. But what the truck driver spoke? Did he misbehave? Why those people attacked him, we don’t know.

Note: We are not supporting the truck driver or any party activities. But we are suggesting, that the actress should remain a good actress only. In case she knows about the subject and is well aware of it, she can speak in-depth. But it is better not to cross the line which would be good for her career

Sai Pallavi equalizing about the incidents of Kashmir Files & Cow Smuggling issue:


Due to Sai Pallavi’s Controversial Statement, Hashtags like #BoycottVirataParvam are viral on Twitter to Boycott her upcoming Film Virata Parvam, along with Hashtags #SaiPallavi and #BoycottSaiPallavi.

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