Sunil Gavaskar About Virat Kohli's worrying form

Sunil Gavaskar latest statement about Virat Kohli’s worrying poor form: Virat Kohli has not been in good form in recent times. Especially, it has been nearly two-and-half years since Virat Kohli has hit a century in international cricket batting at 3rd position. Recently, in TATA IPL 2022, Virat Kohli hit only a half-century of the entire IPL season 2022 in a must-win match while chasing a target of 169 runs against Gujarat Titans in-order to qualify for the play-offs.

Also, Kohli scored 11 and 20 runs in the two innings of the fifth test match against England played in Edgbaston.

It has been nearly nine months since Virat Kohli stepped down as the Indian captain of limited-overs cricket and finds himself in a tough situation to retain his position in the Indian cricket team for the upcoming T20 World cup 2022.

Sunil Gavaskar latest statement about Virat Kohli's worrying poor form

Sunil Gavaskar Latest Statement About Virat Kohli

Recently, Sunil Gavaskar commented on Virat Kohli’s form after the test match series against England. Here is the following statement by Sunil Gavaskar:

“The trick to playing in England is to play as late as possible. Then you are allowing the ball to do its bit and then you are playing the ball. From what little I saw in the highlights, it seemed Kohli was looking to reach for the ball, trying to play the ball early.

It certainly is a cause for worry, particularly this latest chase of 378 — it’s a huge total to chase, and the way they did it with so much time to spare on the final day — they got 120 runs in 100 minutes or so, that is unbelievable batting…

Maybe didn’t try different angles, maybe sometimes we could have gone over the wicket, sometimes round the wicket.

Maybe we could have made bowling changes from different ends. Maybe that wasn’t tried enough. Every single time the batsmen seemed to have more determination to stay at the wicket.

Our bowlers tried everything that they could, but the opposition was better on that day

Therefore, he was not looking like he was in 2018 when he was looking to play it very late around the off-stump.

This could possibly be his issue because he hasn’t been among the runs.

When you are not in form, you look to play almost every ball, and hit each one of them, in a bid to score runs.

Maybe that’s something that can he look at.

But the first mistake he is making is turning out to be his last mistake. Maybe he is not having the run of luck at the moment”.

-Sunil Gavaskar About Virat Kohli

Sunil Gavaskar further added stating that cricket is all about instincts in the following statement:

I think you obviously plan a little bit and visualize what the bowler is going to do the next day. Therefore, you can stay outside the crease but you can go with a pre-meditated plan of batting, which means the bowler has to bowl the same line you are expecting. If he doesn’t bowl in those lines, you are in trouble.

Cricket is always about instinctive action. And while you are giving yourself just that extra bit of preparation by trying to understand the bowler’s strengths, at the end of the day, it’s an instinctive game.

-Sunil Gavaskar about instincts in cricket

Overall Facts About Sunil Gavaskar Statement on Virat Kohli Form:

According to Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli is trying to play early shots which leads to many of his shots being mistimed. It would be a tough challenging time for Virat Kohli to make a comeback and perform well for team India in the upcoming matches.

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