Suzhal the vortex web series review and 6 Reasons to Watch suzhal :

Suzhal: The Vortex, an Indian Web Series released today (17th June 2022). This web series premiered on Amazon Prime Video. Pushkar Gayathri, the only married couple director in India, attained popularity with their previous film Vikram Vedha. This Filmmaking duo has come up with this new web series, Suzhal (In English, it means Vortex).

Suzhal Web Series Cast:

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Suzhal Web Series Story Outline:

The Plot starts by showcasing a Strike against a Cement Factory, which is led by the workers of that Cement Factory. The workers demand a few things to be done, which the management denies. A heated argument arises as those workers were not ready to leave.

The workers warn the management that, they would burn down the factory if their demands were not fulfilled which left them with no other option than to enforce Lathi Charge against workers. Finally, that controlled the nuisance and made all the workers leave that place.

Unexpectedly, the entire Factory is burnt down! one of the Management members says that “The workers had warned us in the morning, that they will burn the factory and by night it is burned completely”. They suspect Shanmugam (Parthiban Radhakrishnan), who is the union leader of workers, and file a complaint against him.

Just a few hours before police arrived to arrest Shanmugam, his daughter goes missing! This is where the actual plot starts to take off.

What could be the reason for Shanmugam’s daughter missing? Is Shanmugam the reason behind the Factory getting Burnt? What is this mystery all about?

What happens next forms the rest of the story……

6 Plus Points that make Suzhal: The Vortex a worth-watching web series

Plus Points:

  1. The Story itself is a plus point of this web series because handling such a story carefully decides the success and having said that, Suzhal: The Vortex is handled very well by the creators – Pushkar Gayathri, and the Episode directors Bramma and Anucharan.
  2. Strong Characterization speaks throughout the 8 episodes. Though there are so many characters involved in this project, being able to give their respective screen space along with a well-written characterization deserves an appreciation. Casting/Artist selection according to the characters designed is very apt, and their performances justify the roles given.
  3. The Cinematography was done very well. Be it any Aerial shots or capturing vehicle movements through tough bends or the Drone shots, Cinematographer Mukeswaran showcased many scenes beautifully by doing the best wherever possible. He had earlier worked as a Cameraman for Kolaigaran and Assistant Cameraman for Vikram Vedha.
  4. Background Score by Sam CS is top-notch! This takes the web series to another level as it adds thumping music wherever necessary to keep the audience engaged and thrilled.
  5. Editing makes the entire web series technically strong, as the Editor Richard Kevin delivers his best work. He had earlier worked as an editor for Kolaigaran, Vikram Vedha, and Jada.
  6. There is a total of 8 episodes in this Web Series. Though the plot seems to start early, The actual Roller Coaster Ride gets intense from the 5th Episode and maintains the pace till the end of the series.

4 Drawbacks of Suzhal: The Vortex, that could have been avoided

Minus Points:

  1. The writing of this web series is one of the drawbacks that the audience would feel either while watching or after completion of watching. If it was a film, possible ways to review would be like “First half was average but the second half was awesome” and the same applies here! The last 4 episodes were more gripping than the first 4 episodes.
  2. Though Episode 1 succeeded in creating a strong base for suspense like Who? Why? and Where? and creates eagerness among the audience, The Episodes 2 and 3 were not able to match or fulfill the expectations in the audience’s mind.
  3. Maybe the creators could have intentionally tried to keep the audience in a subtle state of mind so that the later part of the series could turn out to be a big twist and create that goosebumps moment. But still, what remains an unsatisfied part of the series is the lag in these two episodes.
  4. Episode 4 takes the lag to another extent, that diverts the audience’s mindset from a “Thriller series” to a “Romantic Drama”

Apart from the Plus and Minus Points, the technical department of this web series has done their best which can be felt while watching the series.

So, if you are a person who loves watching Thriller Web Series, then this is the best to watch in the Recent Times.

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