Vijay's Thalapathy 66 is Another MULTIVERSE Film in India after kamal haasan vikram Lokesh cinematic universe LCU :

After Thalapathy Vijay’s recent release Beast, fans are much more excited about the updates of #Thalapathy66.

This film is directed by the successful Tollywood director Vamsi Paidipally who had earlier given industry hits like Oopiri(Telugu)/Thozha(Tamil) and Maharshi(Telugu).

Recently the makers, SVC – Sri Venkateshwara Creations have tweeted an official post regarding the #Thalapathy66FirstLook Release Date:

Soon after the makers announced this on 19th June 2022, fans were so excited that the hashtags #Thalapathy66 & #Thalapathy66FirstLook continue to be on Trend for consecutive 3days.

We all know that with the Latest Blockbuster Vikram, Lokesh Kanagaraj stands out as the first Indian Director to introduce the concept of Multiverse in India.

What is a Multiverse Film?

Whenever a Film is connected to any previous film of that Director or that Actor, with the same characters playing is known as Multiverse Film.

With the Film Vikram, Lokesh Kanagaraj created his own universe where characters from his previous blockbuster film Kaithi were also brought into Vikram. In recent times, this has been trending as Lokesh Cinematic Universe or LCU.

is #Thalapathy66 Vijay’s Multiverse?

Coming to Vijay’s Thalapathy 66, the makers had mentioned in their tweet that “He is Returning”.

This created a storm on social media, making each and every fan wonder whether #Thalapathy66 is going to be a Multiverse of Vijay’s Films.

Vijay’s Filmography

Vamsi Paidipalli, the director of this film revealed earlier that the audience is going to witness a Family Drama story with Action.

So, the excited fans have started browsing the history of Vijay’s Filmography to find some clue on which character of Vijay’s in his previous film could be returning in #Thalapathy66.

After Kamal Haasan, it is Vijay to do Multiverse Film?

Kamal Haasan’s Vikram

If the character of Vijay in Thalapathy 66 is any continuation of his previous films, and if this is happening for real… Then Obviously YES! #Thalapathy66 would be India’s 2nd Multiverse Film.

The makers of this film have announced that the First Look will be released today evening at 6:01 pm.

Probably the fans might get a clue in half an hour after #Thalapathy66FirstLook is going to be released.

Anyhow it can be guessed, but not predicted. As there are possibilities of getting a continuation of Vijay’s previous action-drama films.

As we know,

Where there’s a will, There’s a Way!


Let us wait for their update to Say!


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